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Greetings and welcome to the new UKRG Radio site…. Please be aware that this site is completely new and uses a new database controlled by UKRG and not some third party service. Because of this you will be required to register as a new member if this is your first time here. The process is simple and quick and setting up your profile will only take a few seconds too. For more information please see this post.

UKRG …..Is the fruit of a lot of Idication and LOVE for the real reggae roots and all its culture. Always aiming for a better and complete website focused on the true reggae fan, Here members can upload their …OWN.. MUSIC,VIDEOS and PHOTOS to share..Please feel free to advertise any reggae related events or start a discussion…Also express yourself with your own BLOG and customize your own page….Tune in to our 24/7 Roots Reggae stream and during live shows come together as one in our chatroom….We are always looking for ways of improving this site and any sugestions are most welcome….. So, keep paying us a visit often, as there will always be new updates…. Bless…..idread.

UKRG Radio

UKRG Radio has now been going strong for over 4 years and has always had 1 goal, to bring to the world 24/7 streaming of quality Roots n Culture music. We have live DJs most evenings of the week and in between we have our now famous collection of quality roots music provided by our UKRG Juke Box. To find out who is on and when, please check the time-table below, all times are in GMT… (Ganja Man Time)… Bless…

Radio time table

UKRG Radio - DJs Wanted
For more information on our DJs, please click the “Shows” tab at the top of each page…

Friday Night Special

Information on who is playing soon on our “Friday Night Sessions”..
Friday Night In Session